The agonized are organizing

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One day into the Trump administration, millions of those horrified by his presidency put that mantra into action, taking to the streets to peacefully defend their rights and values. The Women’s Marches were a historic display of civic resistance, but on their own, they will not be enough. The bursting energy on display from the marches’ grand scale must now be channeled into an equally fierce but targeted resistance to specific actions and policies promoted by the Trump administration.

Fortunately, there are early signs that this is already happening. Trump and congressional Republicans have vowed to roll back Obamacare — an act that would rip health insurance away from 32 million people while causing premiums to double for millions more, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The political anxiety countless Americans feel about a Trump administration is converging with a real and imminent bodily anxiety millions dread from the Republican Congress’s insistence on shredding health reform. The result is a percolating resistance to the new administration’s top legislative priority.

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